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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Chapter 1 Cover-

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Reply SpeedComics, January 31st, 2015, 4:48 pm

What's this? another cover? And who's that? Is that the protagonist? Where are his tatoos?

Worry not, I'll answer to your great questions!

Yep, it's another cover, but unlike the other one, this isn't for the entirety of the comic, but merely for the 1st chapter, that's right kids! There'll be chapters! How many? No less and no more than 3! And to make things better, the script for the 1st chapter is already done! It'll be 49 pages long! How long will the other 2 chapters be is now something that I don't know.

As if that's the protagonist, yep, that is our main protagonist! Where are his fire tatoos then? Well, I'm afraid he won't be having them through chapter 1

Yep, that means there's a plot reason behind them, but I won't reveal it now!

Anyway, worry not, I didn't knew how exactly how'd you guys react to having another cover all of a sudden so I made sure to work on a page before uploading this one, in other words, the first page has already been drawn and only needs to be colored now! It'll be uploaded between today and tomorrow!

Alright! Just wait for the first page then!

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