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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Page 10-

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Reply SpeedComics, March 23rd, 2015, 1:59 pm

Woohoo!! First 10 pages here we go! And what better way to celebrate our ten pages than the naming of our hero? Bet you were all dying to know how he was named!... Or not if you already looked into my deviantart gallery...

So... Yeah... His name... Now that's an interesting story!
See, at first, back in... 2006? Geez, that's some time... Might be 2007 thought... I dunno, anyway, I originally named him Dragomon... Yeah... Have I mentioned he was at first a Digimon OC?... That explains a lot... Doesn't it?...
Anyway, He kept that name until a friend of mine came and told me there was already a digimon called Dragomon, so I changed it to DragoNmon! Haha! Now that was different!

Years passed, pretty much up to 2012/2013 when I looked back and I thought that I really liked the guy, so I decided to bring him back only this time around without his Digimon conexion, of course, that meant changing his name again, since having "mon" in it would be too revealing! And that's when I decided to call him... Dragonom... Yeah! Writting the "mon" backwards! Genius!!

Yeah, it didn't took me long to realize it didn't made much sense, that's when I decided to make one last change and finally make his name Dorago.

But the story doesn't end there!
Thing is, after I called him Dorago, something didn't tick yet, something was still wrong, I decided to go check if the name already existed on google, but most results ended up in Dora the Explorer... Yeah... I also found this one guy who's actual name is Dorago on facebook, but his account is dead so... Nevermind I guess.

But I didn't finish there, then I looked up the name in Deviantart, and lookie what I found!

Dragons! A lot of dragon OCs! Many of them seemingly forgotten, I also found this one character of Bakugan? But that must've been a mistake because any time I searched outside it told me it was called either Drago or Dragonoid...

Anyway, the thing is, looking at the dragon OCs I realized what truly was the problem with the name Dorago... It's generic as hell!!

I thought of changing it again, but then I realized two things...

1: I had already changed his name far too many times, it would come a point where I wouldn't be sure anymore how he was called
2: Despise being generic, the name Dorago kind of... Grew on me...

So I decided to go for one las route! He would be called Dorago, but it would also be acknoledged how much of a generic and lazy name it is!
Therefore, Obant's coment in this page!

Still, I pretty much agree with Atose here, I know the name isn't very good, but I like it! So he's keeping it!

Wow... That was a long description... Anyway, sorry if any of you happen to be one of the makers of one of those dragon "Dorago"s OCs, I didn't meant to insult you, and I don't mind if you keep the name for your characters, but I'm also keeping it in mine so... Yeah!

Oh well, I've more free time now so, more pages coming soon!!

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