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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Page 12-

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Reply SpeedComics, March 31st, 2015, 12:54 pm

Hey, you know what? It's easter!! So here, have some... Wait... Easter is this sunday? Whatever, I never understood that celebration anyway, HERE YOU HAVE SOME EASTER EGGS!! Yup! Since I had to fill up this store with some content I kinda went and did with some references, I'm not usually a guy to do references, it's kind of a good way to date a story... But since it's just in the background I thought it'd be ok.

So, second panel is full of them, with another two showing up in the first and third panel, I added stuff from Spider-man, Captain America, Disney's Fantasia, Kingdom Hearts Harry Potter (Or any other wizard movie actually), Dr. Strange, Legend of Zelda, Digimon, Pokémon, Jurassic Park, Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Asterix & Obelix and an spanish comic you probably don't know about called Mortadelo Y Filemon (If you ever got it it's probably named something else in your country).

But it doesn't end there, because I also added some references to some web artist! Three of them on Deviantart, the fourth one is on youtube.

So, you can also find an object from one of HronawmonsTamer OCs http://hronawmonstamer.deviantart.com/, another, pretty obvious one, from Randommode comic, Pirate Madeline http://randommode.deviantart.com/, and one from the IMP series created by Roger Van der Weyde http://rogerregorroger.deviantart.com/ !

And at last there's also one item from Riiser! Hoster of the WebcomicRelief! If you're doing a webcomic of your own I really recomend watching his stuff, his reviews can be pretty helpfull! Here, have a link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCk91b… Warning, lots of swearing can be found.

And no, this comic isn't supposed to be canon within any of their works, so don't start trying to figure out how did these objects end up here and what relation does it have with their stories because... Well... There's none.

So, Can you try to figure out them all? I don't really have any price to give but, eh, it'd be fun to see if someone does, it shouldn't be hard if you just know the web artist I listed.

Oh shit, so much talk about references and I haven't even said one thing about the actual events of the page!
The page is pretty self explanatory actually...

Ok, on to the next one I guess...

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