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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Page 35-

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Reply SpeedComics, August 10th, 2015, 2:43 pm

Nanomachines, son. Sorry, had to do that. Fun fact, I originally wrote Blanshi swearing when he said that, it would've been a censored swear, but still.
Decided to take that out because it just didn't fit with the universe, swears like "Damn", "Hell" or "Crap" I don't have a problem with, but I just feel like the bigger ones don't fit.

Anyway, I have... Bad news...
Apparently, there are two summer traditions around here, one is for my computer to give me troubles that stops my progress, thankfully, that's already over, the other one, however, is that I go out for a boring week to the beach... That... Is going to happen this week... Kinda...
I was supposed to leave today actually, but for some problems I didn't, I don't know wheter I'll leave tomorrow or this wednesday then but...
Thing is I'll leave at some point this week.

Normally, this would mean another hiatus, this time around though, something changed, I have a laptop now!
So, even though I'll likely work at a slower pace, I should still be able to produce some pages here and there.
Will I be able to upload them right as I'm over... I hope so... But I'm not sure...

Still, I'll spend a boring week and slow a bit the pace, but I'll still be active so... There's that...

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