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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Page 57-

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Reply SpeedComics, November 14th, 2015, 7:54 pm

What's this? A new page right a day after the last one? Why yes! That's exactly what this is! So... I didn't really have any plan to work on a page today, but it turned out that I just... Didn't had any plan for today at all... So... Yeah... New page...

Anyway, fun fact, I actually wanted to had this page done back in September, since I was moving I wanted to get to the point where Dorago was doing the same at the same time... But somethings just couldn't be so, oh well, this is what it is.

But anyway, this also leads me to another decision I had to make, the journal! This page presents not only the journal but also the way most of his adventure is going to be presented like as he's going on in his journey, but why this way though? Easy! When I was thinking about the story I realized that I had only three ways to go around this, first, do a One Piece and fill up everything with side stories up until he ends the journey, two, skip it entirely and get right on the end of it, and three, present this part of the story in a quick way so I both don't have to take too much time from it yet also don't have to skip on some potential details and world building.
Don't misunderstand what I said though, this doesn't mean this part of the comic will be all that short, nor does it mean I won't go into detail about one thing or another!

But well, that's all up to see!

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