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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Page 60-

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Reply SpeedComics, November 28th, 2015, 10:26 am

Please, don't let PETA know about this page!! Jokes aside, we're meeting back with a character we haven't seen in a long while, yet without all this story wouldn't have happened!
Yeah! Remember Obant? Dorago's aunt? The one who found him lying around in a hill in one of her adventures?

Outside of that, this page also marks something special, look at the number, we're at page 60!
Now, normally I'd count how long it took me to reach here from the last tenth page, but... I kinda want to point out something else this time around...

Remember Cretaceous Survivor? That first comic I started with about the dinosaur that survived the extinction? (Which you can read here http://cretaceoussurvivor.smackjeeves.com/comics/2018885/cretaceous-survivor-cover/ No, this is totally not a shameless plug) Well... That comic took me two years to finish and... It had 60 pages... The exact amount I reached just now with this one.
It's, kind of amazing really, that means I just reached 120 pages in all this comic career, but also... I started this in January, the comic's certainly shaping up to be longer, but look at it, it hasn't even been half of the time I spent on CS and I already reached the same amount of pages, that's... Astonishing...

So... Yeah... keeping this rythim, it'll probably be over by next year's summer, or maybe earlier, who knows? (Could also be later too, come to think of it)

So, yeah! We got up to this point of the adventure! And I'm certainly not stopping anytime soon!! ready for another 60... No... Another 120 pages of comics and beyond?

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