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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Page 73-

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Reply SpeedComics, March 14th, 2016, 2:46 pm

This page seems pretty fitting considering some current hashtags... You can not believe the countless problems I had with this page, from having to rewrite parts, to parts I had to downright improvise, to Gimp crashing on me and forcing me to start up again! But alas, here it is, finally finished!

Well, I guess I should talk a bit about how the sword works
Basically just adding heat and fire to the end of the side, making it work as some sort of laser (Imagine Star Wars but bulkier and without the cool sound effects)
If you wonder why Dorago still gives them those shapes anyway, ain't it obvious? To look cool!

Also, another fun fact, there was at first no intented order on wheter this scene should come before or after the one with Obant, in the end I decided to leave it up after as some sort of karma, seeing Dorago had to go through telling some severely bad news, so I thought it'd be rewarding if he had the relief of an old friend being still alive later on.

Looking at the script, I should be more or less halfway trough the chapter, don't trust me on that though since I'm not really sure how many pages left there are nor wheter I'll be rewriting something or not.

Boy, I missed doing lengthy descriptions...

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