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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Page 75-

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Reply SpeedComics, April 10th, 2016, 11:34 am

Maybe you shouldn't try such a new thing with a rock that big, Dorago. This one took quite a while to make, sorry! Then again, it's lucky it ended up getting made already, because I was thinking about putting the comic on hiatus.

Don't worry though, I'm not... Likely...

Anyway, this was a crazy idea that I had, I planned for Dorago to regenerate through his fire from the very beginning, but then one day it striked me that if the fire can regenerate parts of his body, then it should also be able to become solid on it's own!

Of course, right away I went to check if there were instaces of fire being solid aaaaaaaaaand... Nothing... So, this may not be scientific, BUT...
I think it can still sort of work...

Not yet though, because Dorago still doesn't know how to grasp it.

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