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Destined Flames

Destined Flames -Page 150-

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Reply SpeedComics, June 4th, 2017, 5:46 pm

Ok, normally I'd keep the streak of descriptionless pages the latest have been earning, but there's one fact I want to point out about this one.
We've finally reached page 150.
The thing is that, originally I thought the comic would be around 150 pages long, that at this point I'd be already packing up as the story would be ending.
It's not too far off, but still, I was wrong, we still have some more to go.

Of course, part of why I was wrong is likely the fact that I added stuff to the comic as it went on, I had no way to account for these when I originaly started, so of course I'd be some pages off due to those.

Still though, it's not the first time I get the final page count of a comic wrong, I originally thought Cretaceous Survivor would be around 40 pages, and look at it, it's 60 instead.

So... Yeah... Last time this happened I went to the script and counted how many pages were left from there... I'm... Not doing that now, the Destined Flames script is harder to count with than the Cretaceous Survivor one.

Still, I do have a mental estimate of how many pages left must it be now, but I think I'll still leave it a surprise. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong again.

But anyway, with all that said, see you all at the next page, where I'll keep the silence descriptions up until probably the very last one!

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